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vanishingspirit's Journal


I use this journal to enter icon challenges of varying degrees.
I post my icons at: thebrokens .

In addition, I sometimes post updates and short fiction.

You can call me Spiri or Van, if you want.

Top Favorite Tv Shows:
The Fall, Blindspot*, Supernatural*, Hannibal, The Following, Pretty Little Liars*, Beauty and the Beast, Rectify, Once Upon a Time*, My Five Wives, Dawson's Creek*, Charmed*, Continuum & The Vampire Diaries*.
*Ships: Kurt/Jane; Dean/Castiel, Dean/Sam; Spencer/Toby; Regina/Emma, Regina/Robin, Emma/Killian, Snow/Red; Pacey/Joey, Pacey/Jack, Dawson/Gretchen, Dawson/Jen; Piper/Leo, Prue/Cole; Stefan/Caroline, Damon/Elena, Stefan/Katherine, Caroline/Klaus, Bonnie/Liv.

Top Favorite Films:
Harry Potter Series*, The Avengers, Much Ado About Nothing*, The Sound of Music, Nine (the musical), Titanic* & Waitress*.
*Ships: Harry/Luna, Harry/Hermione, Beatrice/Benedick, Rose/Jack, Jenna/Jim.

Top Favorite Books:
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell**, An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler, The Cackleberry Club Series by Laura Childs, Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs & (in all honesty) fan fiction.
**Additionally: the Simon Snow book. Ship: Simon/Baz.

Layout by: minty_peach@livejournal.com

Do not steal my work, please.
Reposting without proper credit counts as stealing.
In addition, please do not hotlink.
Comments are greatly appreciated.
Credit is mandatory if you take any icons.
Textless icons are not bases. Please do not alter
my work without my express permission.
Thank you.